Frenchmans Cap 2007

In early 2007, I embarked on a week’s walk with a group of Tasmanians into the country south of Frenchmans Cap.  The intent was to explore the area around Lightning Flat and Christmas Rock, and climb some rarely visited peaks such as Mt Lyne and Mt Seal.  On the first day we walked almost to Lake Vera, then turned left off the track to climb the peak subsequently named Agamemnon, and camped just to the south.

I suffered from a combination of too much heat and not enough fitness, so arrived at camp  felling totally exhausted.  On the second day, the ascent of Philps Peak was easy, but the remainder of the day’s walk to Mt Lyne looked anything but.  After much consideration, I decided it looked too hard for me chose not to proceed.  Rather, I spent the remainder of the week exploring Frenchmans Cap and its foot hills, and rejoined the others at Lake Vera at the end of the week.  I’m sure they were disappointed to have one fewer sets of hands to help with the scrub bashing.

These photos are from that week wandering around Frenchmans Cap.

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